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Expertise and Selection Since 1986

Eddyline Kayaks and Paddles

Eddyline kayaks are known for many great things---thats why we have carried Eddyline since 1998.

Since 1998, we have been an Eddyline dealer--we stock all models and most colors.

Big News

We have the new Sitka models  and Sandpiper 130  in stock

Current deals

 New  Eddyline   Shasta            MSRP $2999.00   now  $2500.00  yellow 

 New  Eddyline Fathom LV    MSRP $2599.00    now  $2195.00  orange

 New  Eddyline Fathom LV   MSRP  $2599.00    now  $2295.00  red pearl